Devotional – The forgotten stone

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The forgotten stone

The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone (Acts 4:11)
Come follow me and I will make you … (Mathew 4:19)

The stone
     It was a large piece of marble, so large that it was called ‘The Giant’. Many sculptors had attempted to work on it but abandoned their efforts. Perhaps the stone was too large to handle, perhaps there were too many ‘faults’ in the piece (faults are natural lines within a rock where it breaks easily when worked upon). Whatever the reason, the sculptors have given up on the lump of marble and so ‘The Giant’ lay collecting dust and garbage, outside the city of Florence, largely forgotten by the people around.
     That was until a young temperamental budding artist sculptor set his eyes on it. This man’s name was Michelangelo Buonarroti and when he saw ‘The Giant’, he felt that it was just the material he wanted. Within the misshapen lump of rock scarred by the chisels of numerous workers, he saw something hidden which he felt he had to bring out.

The artist
And so he worked on it, day and night, over several months. A little chip here, a scrape there, a bit of smoothening here, a bit of roughening there – and what emerged out of his workshop was the magnificent giant figure of David, a piece of sculpture so perfect in beauty, proportion, anatomical detail and balance that it still stands today as a glowing example of what sculpture should be. It occupies a place of pride in Florence and thousands flock to admire it every year.
          This came to be because one man saw something of worth in that piece of rock. ‘The Giant’ had waited, forgotten and abandoned, until it was brought to life and beauty by the hand of a genius who worked on it and fashioned it to become what it was meant to be.
          Perhaps you feel you have been largely forgotten and abandoned by the world around, in despair yet recognizing the potential within. It is time then, to give yourself into the master’s hands who alone can fashion you and transform you to what you are meant to be. Christ was described in the scriptures as the ‘stone that the builders rejected’, yet this stone went on to become the capstone. He knows what it is to be rejected and despised. He is familiar with suffering. Jesus said “Come follow me and I will make you …”. It is for us to follow the master. If we do that he promises to ‘make us’, to fashion us. The process will be painful, it may take many years perhaps decades even but the end result will be something beautiful. Christ – stone rejected. Perhaps you have been rejected.
          Are you willing to yield, are you willing to wait, are you willing to suffer? The master’s hand can transform you.


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