26.05.2015 – Dr. Thomas Philip
I was delighted to receive Current Medical Issues Volume 13 Issue 2 (April 2015) in yesterday’s mail. Thumbing through the pages of your publication in the latest avatar, I find it a veritable gold mine. I hate to miss any bit of the action.

25.05.2015 – Dr. Gayatri R. Banerjee

‘A practical approach to acute stroke’ was very interesting useful, same with ‘ Approach to Delirium’. Even after correct diagnosis and timely referral of stroke patient outcome is zero. This is for want of purchasing power even among middle class. They cannot afford treatment of thrombolysis. Most of populations do not have any medical insurance, reimbursement facility and also they don’t keep any money for medical eventuality. Death and disability are easily taken up as WILL OF GOD. The article on Neuroprosthesis, Retinal Implants and 3D Printing are so nice to know; will that be a reality for the common man of India in next 100 years?

    Back cover photograph of NOH KA LIKAI Falls in Cherrapunji was heaven on earth, a spell-binding beauty but the facts of cruel step father and helpless mother’s suicide makes it a ‘FALL OF SORROW’.

    All the topics in Current Medical Issues help doctors, especially in remote place to sharpen their knowledge which is very essential to be ethical in their profession. CMI enables many doctors to do their job efficiently.

03.09.2015 – Dr. Elamparithi
Dear CMC Team, I am really enjoying this journal. Thanks for your efforts for making it in an electronic version. Thanks a lot.

16.08.2015 – Dr. Anzila
Dear CMC Team, It’s really a nice effort (online version of CMI journal).

Editor – I am glad you enjoyed the online version. I acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Arun Zechariah who worked with me and hand-held me in the process of making it online

08.06.2015 – Dr. M. Sadashiva Polnaya
All the articles are clinically relevant and professionally useful for patient management.
Community medicine and legal medicine are changing the scenario of patient management over the last four decades and patient-doctor relationship is influenced by CPA (Consumer Protection Act) which seems to be a DDA (Doctor Destruction Act) approach. Articles with practical experience and professional advice may be given more importance than theory loaded write-ups.

07.08.2015 – Dr. V.L. Ganapathy
The articles on Vitamin D deficiency and Thyroid Gland Disorders were very interesting and useful in day to day general practice.

12.05.2015 – Dr. Thomas Philip It feels great to know that ‘Current Medical Issues’ is back in circulation. For those of us working in mission hospitals with poor access to the latest journals, this would be of great help. Looking forward eagerly to the issues under your leadership.

15.07.2015 – Dr. Lamina Singh
The most useful and informative – focus: stroke, pre-eclampsia.
This journal reached me in June 2015. I will be glad to receive it regularly on time. Please let me know what is the treatment for post partum psychosis.

Editor – We make every effort to make sure your issue reaches on time but there are occasional delays. Please contact us by mail or phone if your issue has not reached you and we will do the needful. Your question on post partum psychosis has been answered in this issue in ‘Readers’ questions’

07.09.2015 – Dr. Isac David
Greetings from Jharkhand! I would like to appreciate the method of presentation of medical disorders like “Approach to thyroid dysfunction”, in this current issue. For a Family physician, dealing with a wide variety of diseases and multiple systems, presentation with flow charts and key points with clinical significance makes it very helpful. It makes it easy to read, retain and recollect multiple problems in clinical practice. Thank you for all the efforts taken in making the presentation relevant and practical.

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