Welcome to Current Medical Issues journal of CMC Vellore

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To access the journal, click on the ‘Current Medical Issues’ journal section of the menu bar above or click on the image of the journal above

Current Medical Issues journal

The Current Medical Issues journal is an in-house publication of the CME department of CMC Vellore that aims to provide content that is current, reliable and relevant to medical professionals all around the country. This is available in a print and online version.

You may subscribe to the ‘online only’ version by sending an e-mail with your request (see ‘contact us’). If you are an existing subscriber, you can access the online version of the journal at this site.

The online version is available for a subscription of Rs. 500 per year (4 issues) and the print version is available for Rs. 750 per year.

Having problems opening PDF documents on the site?

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you may have trouble accessing the PDF files. This is because certain versions of the Chrome browser automatically redirect you to the googledocs PDF viewer site on clicking the ‘PDF Version’ link, instead of going to the actual PDF link. To overcome this, you may either 1) use a browser other than Google Chrome or 2) disable the Chrome PDF viewer

To disable the Chrome PDF viewer, follow these steps

1. Go to chrome://extensions (Click on the menu icon on the top right corner, then ‘settings’ and then ‘extensions’)
2. Find “Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer or Chrome PDF viewer (by Google)”
3. Uncheck “enable” or click the trash icon.Then restart the Google Chrome browser.

You should be able to view PDF files after this.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Current Medical Issues journal of CMC Vellore

    • Dear Dr. Anzila,
      Thank you. Please let us know your suggestions for improvement and comments on the articles. You are also invited to send any clinical questions you may have and we will try to have them addressed by experts on the subject in CMC.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am happy to see this journal hosted on WordPress as a blog, where the readers and authors can interact. I subscribed to this journal after today’s VC during the first CP at CFH, Oddanchatram. The articles are very interesting and can’t wait to have my bite. This is an effort in the right direction to reach out to wider audiences, especially by making some of the important articles Open Access.
    Best wishes,
    Dr B Manoj Aravind.


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